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Private Day Tours

Day tours are available throughout the Iraqi Kurdistan region, including Erbil, Dohuk, Sulaymaniyah, and Halabja provinces, and all areas surrounding. The history and culture, as well as active exploration, of the region entices the most seasoned traveler. From the capital city of Erbil to the reaches of the Iranian border, Kurdistan offers memories to be made. Let me know how I can help you plan your adventures.

Tours leave daily, Monday through Sunday, at 8:30am and you will be picked up from your accommodation. Please book ahead of time and arrangements can be made if flexibility is needed for departure time.

Multi-Day Tours

Multi-day tours are also available if booked in advance. We recommend the 7 day tour of Iraqi Kurdistan, which covers all major cities and main attractions. However, tours can be customized to fit your schedule, needs and interests. We will arrange transportation, accommodation and all meals for multi-day tours. 


Erbil Province

  • Hamilton Road
  • Korek Mountain
  • Rawanduz Canyon
  • Gali Ali Bag Waterfall
  • Bekhal Waterfall
  • Choman / Halgurd Mountain
    • Skiing or hiking
  • Iranian Border / Haji Omoran
  • Salahadeen / Duwin Castle
  • Shanadar Cave - discovered in 1957 changed the world’s thinking about Neanderthals as remains were discovered revealing ritual burials with wreaths of flowers and medicines used to care for the injured – the most famous named Nandy now resides in the Smithsonian Institute.
  • Barzan Village

Sulaimaniya Province

  • Halabja Monument and cemetery 1988 chemical attack
  • Iranian boarder
  • Ahmadawa waterfall
  • Red museum( Amna Suraka)

Duhok Province

  • Saddam's Palace on the top of Gara mountain 
  • Saddam's Palace on the top a hill on the way to Amadiya
  • Saddam's Guest House where he used to host important guests from other countries
  • Amedi/Amadiya
  • Gali Sheeran valley, the most beautiful river in Kurdistan
  • Lalish -  The location of the tomb of Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir, main figure of the Yezidi faith – pilgrimage site of the Yezidis – one of the most mysterious people in the world. The ancient rituals of this people are fascinating and they are considered by many to be the remnant of the original religion of Kurdistan. 
  • Alqosh & Rabban Hormizd Monastery (Saint Hormiz church)
  • Mar Mattai / St. Matthew's Monastery - one of eastern Christendom’s most famous sites and in operation for almost 2000 years